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Application of Automatic High Cycle Wave Machine

Release time:2019-03-08 source:Li Sheng Machine Co.,Ltd

Based on the principle of high frequency thermal bonding, the workpiece is heated by a high cycle die to reach the bonding of plastics with plastics, plastics with paper cards, or paper cards with paper cards. The bonded cards are usually coated with a glue of PVC or APET or PETG on the surface of the printed cards and fused into one under the action of an automatic high cycle machine.
The working principle of automatic high cycle wave machine is to use high cycle wave to weld first and then cut through the pressure device equipped with the machine at the same time. Because it is completed at the same time, it is called high cycle synchronous fuse. Also known as high-cycle fuse, fuse, high-cycle synchronous cutting machine, high-cycle cutting machine. It is mainly suitable for sealing packaging of APET, PETG and GAG environmental protection materials, plastic-absorbing paper card packaging, toothbrush sealing packaging, and fusing and fusing of EVA cloth leather, dermis, OPP and PU materials.

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