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High cycle principle

Release time:2018-11-12 source:Li Sheng Machine Co.,Ltd

High cycle wave is a kind of equipment used for hot welding, fusing trimming, concave and convex embossing. The principle of high cycle wave is to use high cycle electromagnetic field to heat weld two parts together or to weld and fuse trimming on a single product material. The manufacturing process of concave and convex embossing/embossing pattern. The products that can be hot bonded by high cycle wave are automobile footpads, filling and filling. Gas plastic boats, urine bags / infusion bags / drainage bags / oxygen bags, waterproof canvas, tents, raincoats and so on.

How does high frequency work? Here are some examples of practical applications.
1. Use high frequency to embossing and embossing.
Hot fusion processing products include automotive footpads, leather products, door mats, floor mats and other products, using high-cycle wave on the automotive footpads to press anti-sliding blocks, on the leather to press concave-convex patterns, mat/plastic door mat blank holder and pressing patterns.
2. Use high cycle machine to conduct hot welding and fusing trimming.
Thermal bonding products include plastic foam shell/suction packaging thermal sealing trimming, tent welding, blood transfusion bag/catheter bag/drainage bag thermal bonding and edge pressing, pneumatic plastic products thermal bonding and edge pressing, automobile sunshade welding and fusing trimming.
How to use high frequency equipment to weld fusion / fusing trimming / embossing embossing?
High cycle welding, cutting, sealing process is simpler, the effect is more perfect; the operation is easy to understand and learn, the efficiency is more than the ordinary small machine. Applicable to pure PVC, TPU, EVA or any soft and hard plastic, plastic, artificial leather, clothing fabrics containing 10% PVC can be sealed and welded.
What aspects can high frequency waves be used in?
1: automotive interior accessories:
Thermal bonding, embossing, indentation and welding blank holder for automobile sunshade, automobile door panel, steering wheel cover, automobile foot cushion, automobile cushion, automobile cushion and backrest, automobile roof, automobile interior panel, automobile reserve box shade and other products. Reverse lattice heating, reflective heat bonding, reflective film heating.
2: shoes and caps:
Uppers, insoles, hats, clothes, raincoats, raincoats, clothing labels, hanging tags, trademarks, chest cards, leather labels, flocking fabrics and other products hot embossing, indentation, welding and fusing machine equipment.
3: plastic packaging seal class:
Plastic products, packaging bags, PVC packaging bags, hot water bags, electrical appliances suction packaging, tool packaging sealing, PVC folding boxes, metal suction sealing, battery packaging sealing, electronic products suction sealing, toothbrush packaging, PVC plastic products hot fusion, embossing, welding sealing machine equipment.
4: accessories, toys, stationery:
Crafts, jewelry, gift packaging, toys and toys packaging, stationery, basketball, plastic blister packaging, sports goods packaging, business card inner pages, photo albums, photo albums, glasses boxes, CD bags, mouse pads, soft leather lens boxes and other products of thermal bonding welding, embossing, welding seals, blanking machine equipment.
5: leather and leather bags:
Machine and equipment for embossing, embossing, embossing, marking, embossing, embossing and pattern embossing of leather goods, bags, towels, dermis, imitation leather, etc.
6: mat mat mat carpet:
PVC door mat, plastic door mat, carpet, floor mat, foot mat, cushion, S-type foot mat, electric vehicle foot mat, automobile foot mat, locomotive seat mat and other products of thermal bonding welding, fusion and fusion, embossing, indentation, embossing machine equipment.
7: medical supplies and appliances:
Disposable blood transfusion bag, urinary catheter bag, urinary catheter bag, external drainage bag, first aid stretcher, PVC oxygen mask, PVC oxygen bag, medical clinical identification belt, bedsore mattress, medical ice mattress, bedsore cushion, blood transfusion bag, transfusion bag, medical washing bag, medical sphygmomanometer bag, medical energy cushion and other products of hot fusion welding, welding Connect the press edge, seal, embossing and indentation machine, fusing and trimming machine equipment.
8: welding heat mix:
Tent, canvas, advertising cloth, screen, membrane structure, soft film ceiling, industrial belt skirt, side baffle, door panel armrest, seat cushion, chair armrest, synthetic leather chair, PVC roll door, life jacket, rafting boat, raft, raft, curtain, bathing curtain, inflatable pool, swimming pool, health mattress Jade mattress, inflatable mattress, blowing sofa, wiring harness, water bag and other products are welded, welded and fused edge cutting machine equipment.


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