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Sustainable development of shoe machine in China

Release time:2018-11-12 source:Li Sheng Machine Co.,Ltd

    As we all know, China is a big shoe producer. Since the introduction of the most basic shoemaking equipment from abroad, China has developed from traditional manual shoemaking to mechanical shoemaking in an all-round way. With China's rich real estate, the shoemaking industry has rapidly developed into a leading position in the world, all of which is attributed to the shoemaking equipment.

    The development of shoemaking equipment in China is relatively late. Firstly, some of the most basic shoemaking machines are introduced from abroad, and then a whole set of shoemaking assembly lines are gradually formed through the development and improvement of the Chinese themselves. After continuous efforts, China's shoe machine gradually matured, varieties also basically cover all aspects of shoe design, uppers, shaping and other shoemaking processes, with the output capacity of the whole factory. However, because it is difficult for enterprises to achieve "compound" omnipotence and decentralize their strength, they will inevitably not become too competitive. Especially the current shoe machine industry is facing the dilemma of continuous increase in labor costs, rising prices of raw materials and accessories, increasing management costs and slow turnover of funds. Under the impact of the "post-financial crisis", the disadvantages of some enterprises are beginning to highlight. The homogeneous competition of products makes this mode of operation difficult. Thought that this has greatly hindered the development of China's shoe machine industry.
China Shoe Machinery Chamber of Commerce has proposed that China's shoe machines need to take a sustainable development path to bring profits to shoe manufacturers, that is, to take the road of specialization. Each shoe machine manufacturer should have its own professional production direction, specialize in producing certain products, or complete some process operations in the production process of finished products. For example, Dongguan Qifeng shoe machine is specialized in the production of the front gear, the back press and the bottom press. In a word, specialized production is an enterprise that only produces and assembles its own most advantageous products or a few kinds of products. It has good economic results. Specialized production centralizes similar products and organizes mass production. Advanced special equipment and technology can be adopted. Workers, engineers and technicians and managers have their own expertise, which is conducive to improving labor productivity and management level, developing new products faster, improving quality and reducing costs.
Generally speaking, they must know their advantages if they take professional courses.
1. Specialized production is an important means to curb the similar, homogeneous and vicious low-price competition of products in the industry. In today's "rising" economic environment, behind the enterprise's price reduction sales are either quality reduction or cost reduction. Because most small business operators are often lost workers in large-scale enterprises, they master the core technology of a machine, and the quality of products produced is no less than that of products in the same industry. In order to recover the funds invested in the earlier period as soon as possible, small enterprises choose to sell at a lower price. For the large-scale shoe machine enterprises with diversified products, in order to maintain the same profits, only to reduce the quality and destroy their own brand, thus, a helpless vicious circle has been formed in the industry.
Two, specialized production can effectively improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. Profit is the only principle for the survival of enterprises. Specialized production can connect enterprises with different superior products, achieve the best of all products, and then maximize the profits of each enterprise. Most of the products produced by large and complete enterprises, because of the long industrial chain and many processes, need to invest a large number of personnel, funds and equipment and other high cost. If there are many products in the market, not only the price can not be sold, but also the market is difficult to open. On the other hand, the way of specialized production, the high output of a single variety, will reduce management costs and production costs, and reduce the impact of "labor panic". Due to the peer's one-step delivery of funds, less capital occupation, fast turnover, high recovery rate of capital input, effectively improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.
3. Professional production maximizes the profits of enterprises, and promotes enterprises to devote surplus financial, material and energy to the field of technological innovation, and ultimately to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Taking the road of specialized production, there are fewer kinds of products in each enterprise. With the same technical strength, the technical support areas are concentrated, and the products will surely do better and better.
The benefits of specialized production are obvious to the whole market. The price of equipment purchased by customers tends to be stable under the same quality. Therefore, it is necessary for China's shoe machine to take a specialized production road to better develop its income.



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