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This machine is suitable for no sew seamless sewing machine, Flywire, TPU film lamination and hot pressing lamination of various materials. It has temperature difference alarm function and electric heating broken alarm function;
High quality leather can be guaranteed by precise automatic temperature control, automatic timing control and time control. 4. This machine is specially designed for aluminum alloy, which can be quickly cooked, evenly distributed and durable.
5、 Simple operation, easy maintenance and high efficiency.
6、 It is used for flat forming or welding of shoes at high temperature.
7、 One person operation saves manpower and has high efficiency. 8. The area size of working heating plate is 450 ° 750mm. 9. P | D numerical control heating technology and power saving technology are adopted. The heating adopts three groups of temperature measuring points, 9 points in the plane are uniform, the temperature is within 150C ± 2 ℃, the heating time is about 10 minutes, the power consumption is 150 ° ch1.5 ° 10, and the working pressure is 15TON

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