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This shop is used for the combination of various vamp and 4D vamp.
It adopts the intelligent national control system and operating cylinder, and the temperature is fixed: the system is well distributed and the heat consumption is low
2. Both the upper and lower hot plates of the polar pot are thermally treated and electrically treated, so it is not easy to deform after long-term use, which can effectively maintain the accuracy
3. The thermal bonding is determined by digital limit, fine sulfur, bonding is force root different products free round part 4 uses oxygen oil mixed star system, star combination effect is wrong set, can guarantee, clean, 5, the operating table is made of no material, more solid and durable, easy to clean 6. Add light height device to ensure better security effect 7. When pushing down the sliding Fen type feeding glue, operate the cylinder sheet, which is safer and more efficient By human operation, the diseased material is put to the bottom of the push plate to send the hot material, and the hot star completes the self delivery of the material, which can maximize the safety, reduce the labor aid intensity, improve the effective rate, greatly improve the effective rate, save bacteria and air. The cold setting system makes the workpiece process more beautiful and the effect is ideal

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